How much does a reef tank cost?


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Hello everyone,
I love to raise aquarium fish and marine life to decorate my house. Currently I want to buy an enamel tank to decorate my living room. Don't know what kind of coral should I buy, how much does a reef tank cost? Am I eligible for any promotional or discount codes?
Thanks everyone.


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Reef tank will be as hard and as costly as you make it .there are plenty of simple reefs that are beautiful. And at the other end some are very complex and are beautiful also.things to consider
-tank size -for the animals you want to keep
-corals you want to keep
All in all no matter the tank size .testing water is hugh .if your planning to keep coral be prepared to test water parameters
And last piece of advise .slow and STEADY..nothing good happens fast in a reef tank


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Honestly Its not that expensive depending on the corals you want but don’t go cheap on the set up, set up is key and go with a sump an all in one sucks bro I have one I hate it here check out my tank buddy


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I stop counting at 20K after 1yr year. Fish tank is the cheapest part of many expensive item that is needed. It is a money pit. All depend on what you want and how deep is your wallet.
It is like asking " how much is a car cost ".
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Let's say you wanted to setup a 75 gallon reef (just an example).

Not even counting the cost of livestock, just tank + stand + equipment + rock will easily cost you 5-10k to buy everything brand new. Depending on whether you invest in high or low end equipment.

However, you could buy most of what you need used and do it for only a fraction of the cost. The downside is you may need to compromise on what you were hoping for, and if you buy a running setup you will inherit all of the existing tank problems.

A compromise solution is to buy a new tank + stand + lights, and then wait for deals (new or used) to come along for everything else you need. For example, nasty rock from a running tank can be cleaned up just by giving it a 10 minute muriatic acid bath.


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Very much , HOW much u like it ?
If you go to church , one price.
If you go to Casino, then u intend to play only $ 50 bucks, is Dif.
If u go to night club , then u said , one beer and 12 a clock OUT, is dif.
If u go to buy a standard car from dealer.....then is dif.
If , you really like it ?!! ......will cost u ....$ and time.
Most of the reefers got CUCU, include me.
Not , to mention , if the wife like the tank , is even worst, NOT in my case ,lol.