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Thanks for allowing me in the group. I’ve had a marine tank for about 15 years. For the better part of the last 10 I’ve only had two clown fish in it. They’ve been incredibly hardy given that I am a pretty poor aquarium owner at this point in my life.

Three nights ago my five-year-old came downstairs saying he heard a funny sound and smelled toast. I went into the den where the tank sits and realized the heater was short circuiting. It was popping and crackling and smelled like it was burning. I unplugged it immediately and removed it.

The next day I replaced the heater. I also added a new thermometer. The tank was running hot at that point… Perhaps because of the heater malfunction - a little over 80f.

I also did a partial water change and some other routine maintenance. However I don’t have a test kit and could only verify that the specific gravity is within normal range and the temp is now perfect.

Ever since this incident the clowns are behaving fairly normally but will not eat. No matter what food I put in a tank they swim close to it and then swim away. Any thoughts?

Thank you

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