Hi everyone
I have a 75 gallon innovative marine int tank with a 29 gallon sump. The sump is diy kit. Presently, my equipment is
29 gallon sump
Your choice aquatics dc13 skimmer
Aqua ultraviolet 15watt uv sterilizer
2x radion xr15 g5 with reefbrites.

I am upgrading to a 100 gallon ext, which is what I should’ve got from jump and I was wondering what peoples opinions would be in regards to keeping my equipment. I feel that some can transfer, if not all.
aside from the skimmer, my question is in regards to the sump, lights, and radions.

Can I use a 29 gallon sump on a 100gallon?
Can I get away with a 15watt aqua ultraviolet uv?
Will 2 radion xr15 with reefbrites be enough on a four foot tank?
Any input would be great and I appreciate anyone’s advice.


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I think you'd be alright transferring over the equipment. You may end up wanting to add a third xr15 or upgrading to the 25w aqua uv but I would see how things run with current equipment first. If you need more coverage or clarity you can always add as needed.


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Everything that you've listed will transfer over and work exactly the same on the new tank. No real need to upgrade anything right away.

Eventually you might want a 3rd light in the future depending on what you keep. Also you might outgrow your skimmer. But that's 2-3 years away


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Asutin, TX
If you can swing a bigger sump go for it. But your 29 will work just fine. Water flow through the sump isn't that critical, power heads or wave makers in hte DT is a better way (and can be more economical IMO) to get give corals the water flow they may want.


Everything should be ok. 3rd light down the road will be helpful. But suggestion above to go larger now than later isn’t a bad idea. 120 will probably be close in dimensions to that 100g

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