Hey MR,

I added an emerald crab into my pico tank yesterday and this morning I wake up to find a dead crab.

As I take it out of the tank, I noticed that it was quite abit smaller than the crab I put it. Then I noticed “another” crab in the tank. Did my crab just give birth to another crab? Haha

Then I realized that it might have malted. I didn’t know crabs did that within a home aquarium (let alone a 3g pico tank) 😱

The malted crab shell definitely looks like a dead crab



Advanced Reefer
They have to molt, as it is their only way to grow. It is really cool to observe if you get to see it! But usually they hide when this happens since it is a moment where they are very fragile till the exoskeleton is solid again.

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