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Scarsdale, NY
I didn't know which forum to post this in, but has anyone had a custom glass aquarium built lately? This would be on the largish side, 180 - 270 gal. If you have any recommendations for manufacturers here in the NYC area, it would be appreciated.



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i had a 120 built a few months ago from miricles in canada, delivered to nj.
they will make any size. well made 5/8 low iron glass, euro brace top and bottom, armor seams, glass external over flow. steel stand but mine is rusting already. i have to paint it.
i got miracles too
3/4 inch glass with ghost overflow
tank is top quality
great communication i called derek all the time
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when i got the tank i thought there was a scratch so i called derek
they were gonna take it back and make a new one but stupid me
i found out it was silicone glue and there was no defect
once i ran a razor over it it came right out
great customer !!!!
service from my experience

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