Experienced Reefer
New Jersey
Let me help you with your fish tank. I can help with design, plumbing, livestock, equipment and fish room builds. I’ve seen a lot of people pointed in the wrong direction so I want to help people be successful and share my knowledge.

A little about myself I’ve been in the hobby 13 years. I’ve owned my own tanks and fish room. I do construction for a living so I’m very familiar with plumbing and electrical work along with building things. I have built fish rooms for people in the past and have worked with a live fish store doing installs for customers.

I can help if you are just getting into the hobby or if you are in the hobby already and want to upgrade or add a fish room. I have pictures, videos and referrals of previous work. Shoot me a call or text and let me help you.

-Mike(Tang) 732 598-7504

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