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Possibly, but the decision probably will be appealed. Also I think there is a limit on the type of fish that maybe available.

Hawaii’s model sustainable aquarium fishery legislative ban bill (SB 505) did not pass in first committee hearings and will not go forward. The fishery will now continue to a Board of Land and Natural Resource hearing for the permitting stage.

“User conflict” between tourist groups and the aquarium fishery led to the Environmental Review. The science, in favor of the fishery, was not even considered in the Supreme Court’s decision to make the fishery do an Environmental Impact Statement.

Legislators quoted the science when voting against the fishery shut down bill. Clearly, the fishery is the most studied fishery in the world, and science shows it has no significant impacts on the environment. The fishery is considered a “Model Fishery” because of it’s 20 years’ worth of positive fish counts and data, and willingness to work with the state to create laws to protect the environment and thru fishery management. Scientists are to be commended for their work on the fishery and bringing to light the importance of highly renewable sustainable resource management.

Despite the aquarium fishery having completed an accepted Environmental Review, Tourist groups who oppose the fishery are not happy, and intend to appeal the court’s January ruling to lift the injunction against the fishery.

By Ron Tubbs B.S.N.D. UHM

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