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Hi everyone, newbie here. I just purchased my 1st saltwater tank. My issue is filling the tank with the right water. I don’t have an RO system or money for bulk distilled water. I have my reef salt (AccurSea 1) and i purchased a 55 gallon plastic drum. My tap water measures about 50-55 tds. I filled the drum with tap/hose water which read about the same tds. Added API tap water conditioner with correct measurements and Api Stress-zyme. The tds measurement is now almost triple in the drum. Should i have NOT added the stress zyme? Does anyone have any suggestions or tips to my issue? Thanks


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Welcome to the world of reefing, good luck , when it’s time to do water changes just buy RO water from a (local reef shop or local reefers close to you )until you get an RO unit . As of now just cycle your tank and try not to use much light to grow unwanted algae and possibly invest in a UV sterilizer and some phosphate remover with some test kits. Once cycled ,slowly make the transition in the best quality water before putting ANY corals in there. Not being funny but in this hobby patience and stability with slow adjustments and monitoring will get beautiful results

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