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Another Red Sea tank fail. The tank is a 3.5 years old Red Sea Max E170 (45) gallon AIO. Started noticing that coralline algae was growing in between the silicone and glass that is dividing the display and back sump which of course is connected to the bottom glass. Reached out to Red Sea and they were “understanding of the difficult situation”, told me that I need to drain the tank and rehome the inhabitants, but because the tank is out of warranty they can’t really help. They offered $600 off of a new $1800 system, which I don’t need or have a use for.

Clearly the silicone on their tanks is faulty and when I pressed them to make things right due to a poorly built product, they said their hands are tied. When I asked if they think that fact that a tank failing after only 3.5 is not an acceptable outcome, I was told that when buying a product I should look at the warranty and expect nothing more “like you would with a cell phone or a dishwasher”. Difference being that neither of those things house 45 gallons of salt, water and thousands of dollars worth of animals.

They weren’t even able to help me order a replacement tank, told me I had to order it from a local distributor at full price. The tank took weeks come and Red Sea was not very responsive to the LFS that ordered the replacement. I know that Red Sea is known for having leaky tanks, but I didn’t think it would happen to one that small. Be warned. 
Here is the Video of the tank.



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Dudeeeee just last week my tank failed silicone separated from the glass causing the sand to fall into the crack had to shut down the tank and buy a new one


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