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hey planning on gettin a rose anemone for my 72 gallon tank..right now i only have power compact i reallly need MH bulbs for these anemones to survive? or can i have then with power compacts?


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Just because you buy an anemone, there's absolutely NO guarantee it will stop hosting the colt. Buying an anemone for that purpose isn't your best choice at this point.

The anemone will move and sting all that is in it's way. So you may get the anemone, the clown MIGHT host it, and then it MIGHT move and kill the colt and many other things in the process.


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I had a bubble under pc's and it started to shrink but then i started feeding it more and it was able to sustain. Now its under halides and it and the new ones i have are thriving. I also find that once it finds a good spot and you feed it in that spot it will tend to hang out. I have a saddleback that was hosting in my finger leather, but once i put an anemone in for it it loved its new home. It did take about a week for it to start hosting in the anemone