Trick for filling phosban reactors


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I dont know if I'm the only one, but whenever I would refill my 2 Little Fishies phosban reactor I would have a hard time keeping the media from going into the central tube. I tried their recommendation with scotch tape but that never worked especially since the media was wet from being rinsed. :scratchch Then I hit on an idea - use one of my Salifert test kit tubes and invert it over the reactor tube! It worked wonderfully. Now if only I could figure out an easy way of centering all the pieces perfectly when I want to put it back together.


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Barnum Island
I tried the finger method a few times, never worked for me, found I needed a third hand to scoop the wet media into the
So...instead I tear off a little piece of paper towel and ball it up and stuff that into the end of the tube. After it's filled up I wiggle the center tube toward the center and can usually get the pesky top piece on by the second try :)


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I always just scrunched up a piece of paper towel and shoved it in the tube. I rinse it after with WC water so it goes in dry. Save yourselves some time and rinse afterwards, much easier to get it into the reactor and your not trying to tap the cup or reactor to get everything where it should be.


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Rinsing with a water change would be a waste of media capacity really as you will be adsorbing phosphates from water going down the drain. RO/DI water rinsing would not use up a media potential.

I've never tried putting it in dry, always was worried it would rinse as well that way. will have to try it out some time...