Anybody use Bulk reef supply GFO?


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will be ordering it myself as well, a little research does show that only so many people make that item, so why one company wants 3x the cost and another isn't, name = price raise


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Westbury L.i
i use the pelletized gfo from BRS.....the granular is not bad but has alot more fine particles..i use mine in a phosban reactor....alot cheaper than buying the name brands and its basically the same shit if not better


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I use the High capacity GFO. I think it works great. Cheaper then any of the name brand stuff, dry or wet. The HCGFO comes dry and I get very little dust when rinsing and no breakage or pulverizing dust. I have it running thru TLF media reactors. I fill my media reactor up with five inches of the HCGFO and have to change it maybe 8-9 months. I could probably go longer buy I just dump and change. The BRS cost makes it so I don?t have to squeeze every ounce of life out of it.
I can?t stand that granular stuff, it?s a lot finer then I anticipated. No matter the flow I still got caking in some spots.