~Question on Aqualine bulbs & MH ballasts?


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~Question on AB 13k / Hamilton 14k with Icecap / PFO ballasts?

I just acquired 2 brand new Aqualine 13k SE bulbs. Anyone running these? Any feedback?
Compared to my Hamilton 14k bulb it's really white.
I know I will probably get better growth with the Aqualine bulb, but I like the look of the 14k.
I have also purchased a electronic Icecap ballast.
Can anyone tell me would there be a difference in running the Aqualine or Hamilton bulb on the Icecap ballast versus running both bulbs on my magnetic PFO ballast...
Also, is it true that I can run any 250 watt bulb on the Icecap ballast?

Anyone know the link on RC where they compared different MH bulbs & ballast?

Thanks in advance.
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House of Laughter

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Ossining, NY

You saw my 90 corner - the left of the tank was a AB 13k and the right WAS a hamilton 14k and I went to a XM 10k with actinics. The purple rim cap was under that AB bulb, so, let that be the judge .

I liked them,



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Thanks House....
I remember that.
Only prob for me is that I won't be running actinics until my hood is done....which will be some time.
I'm into the blueish tint. Maybe I could get used to the AB color.

Thanks for the link yes~

WOW!:bigeyes2: As per the test on the site, the par rating on the IceCap Ballast:

AB13K 422
HM14K 352

PFO Standard:

AB13K 566
HM14K 214

The AB on the PFO ballast seems to have great par...
Now I can't decide on which ballast to keep.:scratchch:confused:

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