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i am thinking of using ozone in my tank. i would like to known what people think of this and some experiences if possible. thanks in advance.

my tank is approx 200 gallons water volume is this helps


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Using ozone (O3) in your tank (or anywhere for that matter) needs to be thoroughly researched. There are very severe health risks associated with ozone exposure, including death. The benefits of using O3 vs. the risks must be weighed accordingly. In light of the readily available information regarding health risks I would not even consider using O3 on my system. Yes it can be used safely, but we all know that accidents do happen in this hobby and the potential for a flood or a minor shock is one thing, but death is an entirely different risk.

Here are some links to various articles (both pro and con but mostly informative) of the use of O3 in our tanks:

Ozone Accident (in a reef tank)

Ozone and the Reef Aquarium, Part 1:
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Using Ozone in the Home Aquarium

Like I said above, there are countless articles online with just a little research to help you to determine if ozone is right for you. It is certainly a useful way to improve water quality, but it MUST be done properly. If you decide to use O3, please be careful.


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