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Hi All,:fish:

The group buy is finally getting started! Details are below:


You must create a free account on BulkReefSupply.com if you don't have one already. You?ll need to PM or RB me your Last Name and BRS login email address so I can add you to the group buy. You must send me your information by Sunday March 26th at 10pm EST. (We need 10 members minimum to start this groupbuy)

Then what?
On March 26th, each participant will receive an email notifying them that the Group Buy has started.
Important: Please wait for this email before placing orders!.

Once the minimum has reached, (and you have received the email from BRS) the group buy ordering can start on march 26 (WHEN YOU GET THE EMAIL) - april 1.

Why should I join?
At the end of the Group Buy each participant's account will be changed to Preferred Customer. BRS Preferred Customer pricing is generally between our retail and group buy prices. This permanent upgrade is our way of saying thanks for getting your reef supplies with us!

Bulk Reef Supply offers free shipping only if your order is more than $175, NOT THE TOTAL OF THE ENTIRE GROUP. If YOUR order is less than $175 you WILL pay actual shipping costs. All orders are shipped to whatever address you choose and paid for by you. There is no collection and distribution of the products ordered. Each person will receive their order to their house from Bulk reef supply.

You will pay Bulk Reef Supply directly.

DO NOT START BUYING UNTIL YOU RECEIVE THE EMAIL FROM Bulk Reef Supply confirming the group buy.
If anyone has any questions, please post here.

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