We have 2 cleaner shrimp in our 55 gal reef tank. For probally about the past 2 weeks weve noticed that they both had a belly full of eggs. They seemed to tend to them by flipping them and such ever since we noticed this. However, last night, one of the shrimp released about 200+ baby shrimp from the belly pouch the eggs were in. Then he/she proceeded to pick out the egg shells and eat them. Of course, the fish thought this was a great feast and i dout that any shrimp survived the night. However, my question is does anyone know how these guys reproduce? Obviously they both have eggs, and the one did have hatched shrimp. Are they a-sexual?? If i was to move them into a 10 gal by themselves, how hard would it be to get them to reproduce? Are there certain conditions they need? What do the baby shrimp eat? Baby Brine? And finally what kind of filter could i use in a 10 gal that wouldnt hurt the baby shrimp because there reeaally small little bugers! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks a ton!



I would read up on some of the comercial shrimp farming techniques. I'm sure the the basics would be the same.


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Ive seen this asked several times on other forums and the response always seems to be that it is nearly impossible. It seems it takes several months of labor intensive care, and at best the survival rate is limeted to just a few in the end. I'm not saying you shouldn't try, but it doesn't sound like something one could easily jump into at the last minute.


They are not asexual, but they are hermaphroditic. Each is capable of acting as the male or the female. After one molts it is the female for a few hours and the other will act as the male. So both had fertile eggs and were both parents of eachother's eggs. It is possible to raise them from what I have read, but extremely difficult. Peppermint shrimp are hermaproditic as well and it is much easier to raise their young. You can feed them brine shrimp nauplii right away and not even have to worry about rotifers or anything else. There is a great book on raising Peppermint Shrimp called, "How to Raise & Train Your Peppermint Shrimp" by April Kirkendoll.

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It is difficult to raise but not impossible. I would say that there is something missing in the rearing protocol that can trigger the final molt.

The difficulty is doing these shrimp in large scale aquaculture. Doing a small batch is not impossible at all.

We have been able to rear a few hundred L. debelius, and L. amboinensis, to the final larvae stage, but have had few success in rearing them to the end.

You have some people who have also been able to rear them with some success, even in your country (USA - Dr. Mark Palmtag).

The main problem lies in the final stage where they just don´t seem to settle.

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