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Basically what I'm asking is if breeding always makes fish keeping easier. If Moorish Idols started to be bred in captivity, are they always going to be eating? The reason I'm asking is because, well, as you know, I got my seahorse tank. I know seahorses are known to be much easier to care for if they were reared in captivity but two other fish I would be interested in adding are the Ornate Ghost Pipefish and Helfrich's Dartfish. The dartfish will probably go into my 75 gallon if I get them because I'm afraid the jawfish might pull something on them.

Anyways, based on my research, the pipefish is supposedly pretty rare and also rarely survives in captivity. Are they people attempting to breed these magnificent creatures? From what I've read, the female is much bigger than the female which means that they are distinguishable and which also means that it is possible to breed them if someone were to get a good pair to start off with. With this being done, I'm assuming that this pipefish will be feeding on frozen foods in captivity and also that they will be much more common, less expensive, and then they wouldn't need to be collected from the wild anymore, like seahorses.

As for the dartfish, I know that they can some times suffer from decompression problems but that usually they are easy to care for in the sense that they adapt well to captivity and regularly eat. Same question now, if people acquire a healthy pair, can they be bred in captivity which would make them more common and easier to get, and also of course, the decompression problems would be abolished.


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theoretically, yes. i know people who have worked with pipefish, and they are very similar to seahorses. the dartfish however, im not sure about raising the larvae. being in the goby family may make it easier, but i have no experience in breeding them
Ghost pipefish are VERY different from regular pipefish,to the point of having their own family,Solenostomidae.They are the marine equivalent of annual killifish,and will not live long after metamorphosis.Yes metamorphosis as the young are NOT born as miniature copies of adults as in family Sygnathidae.I am definitely not one to say that a particular animal should not be brought into the trade,but Ghosts are a good argument for just that.I wsh you all the luck in the world with them,but that probably still won't be enough!

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