Captive Bred Mandarins, Fiji Fish & Corals, Anems


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Tenafly, NJ
Some really nice stuff ready for the weekend:

Captive Bred Mandarin (singles & pairs) - eating frozen foods - perfect for nanos
Captive Bred Linki Gobies
Palau Nepthea
Alien Hand Nepthea
Derasa Clams 2.5"
Squamosa Clam Broodstock 7-9" Dark, almost Black
Black Maxima Clam 3.5"

Fiji Flame Angel
Zebra Bar Gobies
Golden Chromis Analis (awesome deepwater chromis)
Sunburst Anthias
High Orange Coral Beauties
Blacktop Naso Tang
Brevirostris Unicorn Tang
Lemonpeel Mimic Tang
Blue Hippo Tang~5"
Bicolor Foxface
Lutescent Wrasse Male
Canary Blenny
Yellowtail Tamarin
China Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse
Red Trachys
Neon Lobophytum Leathers

Bubble Tips - Roses, Candy Corns, Speckled
Long Tentacles - Toxic Greens, Dark Purples, Purple Flats
Mertensii - Purple w/ Green Rim
Carpets - Neon Haddoni, Neon Gigantea, Blue Gigantea (4"), Purple Mertensii with Green Rim
Magnifica/Ritteri - Yellow Tip XL
Tubes Green Center

Diadema Urchins
Orange Lip Conch
Bumble Bee Snails
XXL Nassarius Snails
Green Spearer Mantis Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp
Tropical Abalone
White Pyramid Trochus Snails
Electric Flame Scallops
Sand Sifting Stars
XL Brittle Stars
Black Turbo Snails
Astrea Snails
Chestnut Turbo Snails
Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp
Tiger Pistol Shrimp
Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Feather Dusters
Star Snails
Horseshoe Crabs
Emerald Crabs
Peppermint Shrimp
Red Prawns
Zebra Red Pencil Urchins


Iconic Aquariums
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Tenafly, NJ
Some stuff came out of QT:

Swallowtail Angel Pairs
Tomini Tangs
Yellow Mimic Tangs
Scopas Tangs
Blue Jaw Trigger Pairs
Square Anthias Pairs
Diamond Gobies
Bullet Gobies
Tiger Wardi Gobies
Goldhead Sleeper Gobies
Purple Firefish
Red Firefish
Naso Tangs - Blacktops, Vlamingi, Tonganus, Brevirostris, etc
XXL Supermale Red Margin Fairy Wrasse
Skeletor Eel
Phoxocampus Pipefish
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Orange Line Cardinals
Yellow Watchman Gobies
Marine Betta
Leopard Wrasses, Pencil Wrasses, Melanurus Wrasses, etc
Day Octopus


Manhattan Reefs
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North Jersey
Ok, I did not know that. Seachem explained it to me that the uv broke the bind between the copper and whatever it is attached to, and made it 10x more toxic. Good to know you can