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The WPA is holding it's first annual Aquatic Experience Trade show November in Chicago. I was inspired by their vision and immediately joined up and hope others will consider this show as well.

As the industry searches for a major venue each year to come together, this show is hoping to build the industry up using all facets of the aquarium industry people to come together, and hold a large event that will blend both industry and hobbyists together into one "Inspiration" for all to enjoy.

The WPA is dedicating a lot of resources over the next few years, to help this show grow into what I personally hope will be the show we all can support together.. Manufactures, Freshwater and Marine Wholesalers/Distributors, Coral Farmers, Etailers etc. Retailers and Hobbyists can attend the show together and really share a great weekend together. Check out the link and talk it up!

Of course I am still buzzing a bit after a great weekend at Macna 2013, so this charge of seeing a new show grow that can bring us all together is a pretty exciting idea.

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