NERAC X has been canceled


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Well sad news to report, NERAC X has been canceled due to low registration.

With only 34 people signed up the decision was made to cancel this years event. Those few who have paid will be getting refunded by Saturday.

This Friday's meeting will have a quick Q&A as to weather we try this again next year so if you have an opinion please come to Friday's meeting.


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Just my $0.02.... I think time of year definiatly played a role in the weak attendance. I do think Long Island could support a nice event - even larger frag swap, especially if the right time of year and location. Even to do it with out going out to Riverhead - that is a haul for most of us. Personally thr LIA does not offer much, been there a few times off season with the kids and in and out. At least once the weather breaks there is more to do out that way.

Anyhow - I was not registered but was going to wait to see what the weather was doing before I spent the money to book it. Like I said just my $0.02