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I recently started going to proreef aquatics and I’m really impressed.

I like aqua hut for cheap fish/inverts but you really have to choose your specimen and watch it eat.

Country Critters in Patchogue is also Ok.


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None or all... you have to qt all your fish as they 99% will have a pest..
My gem tang at country critters was “guaranteed”health and peat free. Thank god I qt’d it... had velvet! He’s now safe after 3/4 month qt and observation ”


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Manhattan Reefs
Long Island
Tropical island became the best place for sps & higher end lps.
Country critters has a nice dry good selection but corals have def taken a dive in quality. Caribbean Blue used to be reasonable when the sps maricultured trade was good I guess everyone used to look for sps gems there. Lately they went crazy charging way too much for frags. Aquarium village has taken a big dive as well as the shop seems dirty, fish quality low and corals are a 2 out of 10 from what they used to be. We get it covid hurt every single shop and I hope they recover as we need them on LI


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Tropical island coral for sure is great... and just take the trip to advanced America aquatics for fish and coral
As well.. best in the business w fish success as they actually know wtf they are doing..

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