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  1. Any Lawyers here on MR?

    Hey I?d like to hire an attorney for a small claims lawsuit, are there any here on MR? Please send me a pm with your number and credentials. Thank you
  2. F/S Trigger Systems CRYSTAL ATO 5 GAL RESERVOIR

    $60 picked up In Long Island 11576 Trigger Systems CRYSTAL ATO 5 GALLON RESERVOIR *Finger prints and smudge marks on photo.
  3. F/S Psychosis Palythoa frags

    Made some frags of my psychosis paly. Awesome piece for your collection! 1x 1 polyp $50 2x 2 polyp $90 Pickup in Long Island 11576 or manhattan Brookfield place
  4. F/S Aquaticlife Light Fixture hanger

    1 set of 2 Light Fixture Hangers $50 pickup in Long Island New Price $40 Easily suspend light fixtures above the aquarium! Extending Arms allow suspension of light fixtures over aquariums up to 30 inches tall Adjustable Mounting Plates allow for use on a wide variety of furniture sizes Welded...
  5. F/S High End Zoas + Shrooms

    Up for grabs some nice zoas to add to your collection! I did some pruning last night. :champagne JF A$$KRAK (2) 2 Large polyp frags $180 each. 1. 2. (1) 5 Polyp Nirvana frag $40 (1 polyp is hiding in the photo its there) (2) Quarter and a half sized PZ Godspawn Bounce $100 each 1. 2...
  6. F/S Deep Blue 60 Edge Reef ready Cube (Parting out)

    Deep Blue 60 Edge Reef Ready Aquarium 24x24x24 (comes with all plumbing and bulkheads) Deep Blue black stand Tank and stand $340 Skimz UP18 Sumpro Sump $200 (BRS $260 retail ARTFULLY ACRYLIC Custom lid (*Classic Lid 1 solid piece...
  7. F/S Deep Blue 60 Edge Reef ready Cube

    Upgrading sale: Deep Blue 60 Edge Reef Ready Aquarium 24x24x24 Deep Blue black stand Skimz UP18 Sumpro Sump ARTFULLY ACRYLIC Custom lid (feed door, 2 heater slots, 2 wave pump slots, 1 autofeeder slot) Sicce 2.0 pump Plumbing Slight paint touch up required for the stand. Tank will be...
  8. F/S Several RBTA?s

    Selling (5) 3?+ RBTA $40 picked up in Manhattan UES, financial district or Long Island.
  9. F/S Soft coral frags

    Moving sale: 8 frags avail multiple stalks 3?x2? Un-mounted ORA Blue Cespitalaria $15 per frag 5 large 4x3 stalks unmounted avail PomPom Xenia (very slow spreader) $35 per frag Pickup Upper East side Manhattan or financial district - weekdays only. Or deposit for pickup in Long Island.
  10. F/S Reef Equipment

    Several used items up for sale sitting around, CPR Aquatics SMALL 13" AQUAFUGE2 EXTERNAL HANG-ON REFUGIUM PLUS pump included CPR Aquatics 7W LED REFUGIUM LIGHT -SOLD SKIMZ MBR127 -$SOLD 5000ML NO3:PO4-X REDUCER - $70 used till the mark SeaKlear phosphate remover - best for curing rock 90%...
  11. 2 BRS Doser/Accessories & LaMotte Alk Test Kit

    Up for sale 1. Used once La Motte Alkalinity test kit with (1) new refill- got lazy never used it again (hopefully you're better about testing) La Motte kit retails for $39 and refill is $18. Take the kit with refill for $40 2. (2) BRS Dosers with (2) new dosing tubes + (1) new grease - Take...
  12. ATI 24" 8 bulb PowerModule (Mercedes Version)

    Up for sale ATI 24" Powermodule (Discontinued), COMPLETELY SERVICED by ATI North America. It has not been used since service only plugged in. All end caps, ballasts, and 3 reflectors have been replaced. Yes I paid a pretty penny for this to be fully serviced. All ATI sunpower parts are...
  13. F/S Rare/Easy to find Zoanthids

    Leaving for vacation in 2 weeks looking to thin my zoanthids collection. Pickup in Manhattan during the weekday at 225 Liberty Street NY NY 10007. Pics of actual frags to come Twizzler Zoas 10-20 polyps $30-40 Fruit loops 10-20 polyps $30-40 JF fairytales 20+ polyps $50 OG Treehouse of...
  14. CB Speckled Krakatoa Zoanthids

    Up for sale CornBred Speckled Krakatoa zoanthids. Finally got around to frag the colony. Single polyp $140 Double polyps $250 Size reference: Zoas are mounted on 3/4? frag plugs Pickup in Manhattan
  15. 3? Male Hawaiian Flame Wrasse

    3? Hawaiian Flame healthy eats everything flake pellet mysis brine. Disease free. He is attacking my female flame (transitioning to male). Asking $260 OBO pick up in Manhattan. Upper east side or Financial district (brookfield place)