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  1. Pets Warehouse in Copiague

    They moved about a mile east on South side of Sunrise.
  2. Coral Forest Fire mushrooms $20

    PM sent
  3. UV Sterilizer

    Want to add a UV sterilizer strong enough to be level 2. Have a 90 gal with 25 gal sump. 25w uv minimum Any recommendations on UV sterilizers
  4. For Sale Jawbreaker

    Could take one off your hands
  5. Local copepods

    Thanks, do you have to strain the water in any particular way?
  6. Where in the chain does the reponsibilty lie?

    Had tangs on my mind and was thinking of the tang police, then got to thinking: where does the "responsibility" lie in the hobby in terms of the welfare of our fish? Does it begin with the people pulling fish out of the oceans? The handlers of the fish at point of origin? The transporters? The...
  7. Dosing - Trying to raise Alk and Calcium

    Have a Red Sea reefer about 125 gals including sump, less minus rocks and 3-4 inch sandbed. Have the common problem of trying to raise alkalinity and calcium to desired levels: 9dkh, 450 calcium. I hover around 5 -6.3 dkh and mid 300's calcium. Magnesium approx. 1200-1260. Trying to raise mag...
  8. WTB McCosker's Flasher Wrasse

    would like to add one or 2 to my tank
  9. Dosing Red Sea Coral Colors

    Instructions say to dose 1ml for every 10ml Red Sea Foundation A calcium liquid does that equal dosing 1ml for 10ML ESV calcium instead of Red Sea Foundation A?
  10. Prettiest corals

    What are the prettiest, brightest, most colorful, eye popping corals? Cheap or expensive, any category
  11. Zoa ID please

    Need ID help. Thanks
  12. Zoa ID please

    struggling to ID. Same zoa under diff lights
  13. Blue Throat vs Niger Trigger

    Blue throat vs Niger trigger for a 90 gal reef. Any thoughts?
  14. Trying to do things flawlessly....

    in my efforts to do things correctly, doing my best to stay within the confines of the following: the tang police the your tank is too small police the quarantine police the ich police am I missing any? trying to be a good fishkeeping citizen...