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  1. For Sale Reverse space monster zoanthaid $15.00

    3 more frags left.
  2. Looking for Donations for my Middle School Classroom Reef!

    I have some pulsing xenia, Green star polyp and zoa to donate if you are interested. PM me.
  3. elegance coral

    it is risky to cut elegance corals. You risky of killing it. You will need band saw. if you do cut it, Make sure you give it iodine dip right after cutting it.
  4. For Sale Reverse space monster zoanthaid $15.00

    I have 6 frags. 1” frags have 5-10 heads, 15.00 1.5” frag have 10-15+heads. 20.00 Rastas combo 25.00 Who ever buy first will get the most heads from the size and so on. Pickup only from 11228 Text me 917-353-6811
  5. elegance coral

    Yes and no. but risky. It must have a mouth otherwise it will starve. I have a cut piece from LFS for 4 months and doing fine. I have yellow tip.
  6. Petco Rescue

    My local petco have no saltwater and a very small section of fresh water only. Never gotten a fish from them.
  7. Acro dying?

    if you are not home from 10am-4pm? start the ramp up at 3pm. Unless you wanted the lights to be on for the 14hrs. Your moon phase should be flat line above 5% 11pm-12am. It should not be taper off from 11pm-12am.
  8. Acro dying?

    Any reason for 5hr ramp up time? Set light schedule to work around your schedule, when you are home to view the tank. 6 hour of intense light and 1 hour ramp up and 1 hr ramp down is enough for corals. Anything more is waste of electricity. Turn off weather. it is useless. all it do is...
  9. Acro dying?

    All you need is 1 ramp up and one hour ramp down. 6hr at max AB+ if you like. You do not need 11hr of light. My light goes on at 1:30pm and start to ramp down at 10pm. Lights out at 12-1pm depending on moon phase. My max intensity are from 6-10pm.
  10. Acro dying?

    Upload some picture of your corals with less blue light. I would like to see what you mean “my corals are dying”. Why do you think it is dying? New growth on corals are white. Pm me with your phone number if you would like more help directly fro me.
  11. Acro dying?

    Don’t change your lights go from 20% UV to AB+ 117% UV over night. You will cook your corals. Set each channel (or download the file). MAKE SURE you enable acclimated over a month from 50%. Any changes must be done slowly. Get a par reading.
  12. Acro dying?
  13. Acro dying?

    I use AB+
  14. Acro dying?

    Can’t really tell your spectrum from apex. But looks fine at those percentage.