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  1. Inverts Harlequin for sale $80

    We’re are you located
  2. Tank Huge Frag/Growout Tank & Sump

    Pm sent
  3. Coral WTB - SPS (Easier pieces), Space Invader

    I have some pieces text me 9176898401

    The apogee 400 series Uses a different sensor that accurately measures par for led the 200 can still measure led but you have to multiply it by a factor depending on which led u have

    I’m in bay ridge I have the apogee 200 series that is good for t5 but requires a calculation for leds
  6. Coral 24k holy grail torch

    24k holy grail torch lineage from coralcruze single heads 1200$ double heads 2k$ Right now all my frags are double heads so if interested in a single I can cut but needs couple weeks to heal.. I’m open to high end sps frags but must provide lineage for trading. I’m located inBayridge...
  7. Coral Sps for sale

    Have frags of green slimmer , Pc rainbow and wwc yellow tips .. prices range from 20-40$ please text me for individual pricing Local pickup in 11209 Mancinis pizza 8504 5th ave Monday -Sunday 10am- 11 pm 917-689-8401
  8. Harlequin shrimp bonded pair

    If you ever come to bay ridge I?ll take
  9. Harlequin shrimp bonded pair

    Need these do they eat Asteria starfish
  10. Thunder Maroon Clownfish for sale

    Nice guy bump
  11. WTB 24K Holy Grail Torch

    I have a colony of coralcruze holy grail ..not selling but. I can assure you it?s the nicest holy grail/torch coral in this hobby.
  12. Cube sump

    Sent pm