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    24k holy grail torch

    24k holy grail torch lineage from coralcruze single heads 1200$ double heads 2k$ Right now all my frags are double heads so if interested in a single I can cut but needs couple weeks to heal.. I’m open to high end sps frags but must provide lineage for trading. I’m located inBayridge...
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    Coral Sps for sale

    Have frags of green slimmer , Pc rainbow and wwc yellow tips .. prices range from 20-40$ please text me for individual pricing Local pickup in 11209 Mancinis pizza 8504 5th ave Monday -Sunday 10am- 11 pm 917-689-8401
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    Mp10qd for sale. 185$ Will trade for sps 9176898401 My glass is too thick can?t use it for new build
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    Sale ! Sale ! Sale !

    Hey have some stuff for sale broke down my nano 4x24 ati sunpower . 180$ 24? reefbrite tech blue led 85$ Mp10qd 185$ Live Haitian live rock 10$ per pound bought too much I have two large pieces prob 10-12 lbs a picece .. this stuff is the awesome and hard to find Live Tonga branch rock with a...
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    Who has Aussie gold torches

    Looking to buy a couple variations of Aussie Gold Torch.. I can trade coral or pay cash.. lmk 9176898401
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    3 bounce mushrooms 1000$

    3 bounce mushroom 1000$ 9176898401
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    Corals for sale

    Large Duncan colony $60 - sold Smaller Duncan colony $40- sold All the acans 300$->> Price drop 150$ Jawbreaker rock with 7 pcs - sold Blasto colony 75$- sold Scoolys 150$ each?>> price drop 80$ each
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    Tonga branch full of zoas,grandis and a huge nepthea

    Looking to sell my gorgeous Tonga branch rock that is fully encrusted with many zoas . I forgot the names but there are many grandis, utter coas , rastas , scrambled eggs , jf **** plays , orange rainbow , goblins on fire, blue hornets , red hornets , Midas and a huge green nepthea attached ...
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    Instant Reef showpiece/ og bounce shroom/ jawbreakers

    I have a nice size .. gorgeous piece of Tonga branch rock for sale $500 fully encrusted with zoas Utter chaos Grandis Rainbow palys Red hornets Blue hornets Sunny d Rasta?s Huge green nelthea So many to list don?t even remember the names The pieces will not have any hammers or blastos as i...
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    Looking for Tonga live rock

    Any one have Tonga live rock for sale ? I sold a bunch when I broke down my elos120xl I would love to buy a piece or 2 back if possible 9176898401
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    Wtb/trade nano box duo plus m for ati 4 bulb 24"

    Hey I have A 2 month old nano box duo plus m looking to trade or buy an ati 4x24w sunpower or power module t5/led . Please lmk .. I will sell the current light for 350$ 917-689-8401
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    Fs: Elos 120xl

    For sale is a great condition elos 120xl price is 1500$ tank and stand only text or call 917-689-8401 looking for zoas, bounce shrooms, jawbreakers , acans , blasts favias
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    Happy New Years !!!

    Happy New Years to the best reef forum and all the members that make this hobby the best hobby in the world !!
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    Elos 120xl breakdown

    elos 120 tanka and stand only ting left 1500$ Going to retire new baby coming and need to focus more on my work and helping my wife. Best way to contact me is text or call 9176898401 I decided to setup a small 20 aio .. I'll be interested in high end zoas,acans,bounce,jawbreakers equipment
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    Cermaco Aqua tecture branch rock

    Please text me for additional picks 917 689 8401 Picks 1 and 3 are 80$ each Picks 2 and 4 are 100$ each