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  1. Ocean Revive Arctic-T247

    Hi all, I'm a newbie planning possibilities. Would this light work for an 18x18x24 Exo or 20G high? Ocean Revive T247 Arctic-T247 120W LED Aquarium Light_Aquarium LED_OCEANREVIVE LED I intend to house dart frogs. I'm pretty sure it's powerful enough but I'm not sure if the spectrum is right...
  2. Diy led

    I want to build LED lights for my 60 gallon tank. Suggest me few good guides.
  3. Question LED Lights

    Which LED lights are good for 60 gallon tank? Budget is under 200 USD. My friend suggested me to buy this. Kindly suggest if there are other good options?
  4. Fish Photography

    Which camera is good for fish photography beginner?
  5. Freshwater Fish

    Which are the best freshwater fish i should buy for my new rank?
  6. Reef Suggestion

    Which reefs should i buy for my new tank? I am a beginner.