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  1. Free Chinese Blackbox/Maspect LED

    The lights are gone. Thanks!
  2. Free Chinese Blackbox/Maspect LED

    I'm purging out my basement and came across some old units I have. Some still work and some will need some TLC. I don't have time to tinker to repair them. It's free and given away As-Is. Total 3 Chinese units; 2 Maspect units w/ballasts. Pick up Flushing Queens.
  3. Free Freebie Thread

    Yep, pm me.
  4. Free Freebie Thread

    Grand Street and Mott St in Chinatown/Little Italy.
  5. Free Freebie Thread

    Free assortment of green/neon green/green with stripes mushrooms. I can give about 5 per reefer. Any more request than that amount, please throw me a frag of some sort ;). Pick up either in Flushing 11354 or Manhattan 10013.
  6. cheato ???

    I'm looking for some. Lmk if you have. Thanks.
  7. Coral Acro Frag FS/FT

  8. Coral Acro Frag FS/FT

    This piece broke off awhile ago and has fully healed. Looking for other acros. Otherwise selling it for $25. No Name Acro (greenish-blue w/purple tips) Pickup in Chinatown, Manhattan or Flushing, NY. Can meet up in Western Nassau along Northern Blvd (25A) Mon-Thur mornings also. Thanks for...
  9. 10+ years on MR and still have a tank roll call

    Since 1st two clownfish and a royal gamma (hiding somewhere) are still here.
  10. Neptune Apex really...

    I wish it was easy as those youtube vids. My problem is that I can't locate the unit to link it. The last email from support request a phone session...BUT for next week?!? Maybe I'm using PC and not IOs...I dont know.
  11. Neptune Apex really...

    Are they a joke?...Need to vent a little. I need help setting this up which their website's Start Up guide links absolutely sucks. I created a ticket for support help and have to wait hours for a response via email for one step (what color are my lights on the units?). I call them, and they...
  12. Restarting my reef need corals good price $

    I have some birdsnest frags you can have. I'm in Flushing 11354. PM me if interested.
  13. Coral Wysiwyg Nano Pack for $25

    Pack Sold. Thanks.
  14. Coral Wysiwyg Nano Pack for $25

    I can bring this pack to the swap. They are just small pieces from accidental breakoffs while moving things around that is taking up rack space. Want to move them for new frags from the swap. WYSiWYG -purple digi -birds of paradise -tubstella monti -birdsnest (could be pink) if not, it's green...
  15. Coral Acro and BN colony + frags

    New frags available: see wysiwyg pics - Acro (greenish-blue w/purple tips) - Teal stag $20 zoa or birdsnest frag if you take both.