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  1. KathyC's passing

    It is with great sadness that I inform everybody that KathyC has passed. As many of you know, she has been suffering from cancer for some time now. She was a Moderator of MR where she helped everything from where to properly post, to helping many beginners as well as advanced members with their...
  2. Potw 5/17/2017

  3. Pic of the week 5/3

  4. How bleaching happens video
  5. FS: WYSIWYG Frags

    Pink Nebulas $30 for 10 polyps $15 for 3 polypssold reefologist $10 Rastas 2 polyps $10 Pink Nebula 1 polyp updated list
  6. FS: Kessil A350W $200

    $200 each SOLD Wide angle version No gooseneck pic below for those who wanted to see in what shape it is in obviously comes with power cords, but thats just wires left one got a little superglue by accident on the side as shown in the pic (Not a scratch), otherwise both working perfectly
  7. Acan Lighting 600-36B $350

    Same one as the one shown under the 600 series
  8. FS: Neon Green Nepthea/Dragon's breath algae/Lava Shrimp Shrimp

    For pickup only $20 frag About 4" when fully open Also have more available If anybody wants some dragon's breath algae, I can sell some for $5 for a golf ball size. Hawaiian Lava shrimp - (Opae Ula) These are the same type of shrimps you'll find in the ecospheres Below video is my 5g...
  9. FS: Skimmer/Reactor/etc

    ATI Bubble Master 250 with extra pump and swabbie neck cleaner SOLD Reef Octopus BR110 Biopellet Reactor SOLD 29 Gallon fish tank with drilled hole on the bottom for a 1/2" PVC $5 SeaKlear Phosphate remover (Same stuff atlantis aquarium uses) $5 for it all Air Pumps $5 for it all
  10. FREE! 40g breeder sump and 5g bucket of Rocks

    First come, first serve I rinsed out the sump, but it can use some scrubbing. Has 1 baffle siliconed Rock was live, but was taken out of the water a couple days ago. Some large dead corals included. BRING YOUR OWN BUCKET for the rocks PM me for address and I can hold it inside till you arrive
  11. 75 Gallon Reef Ready $80

    $80 AGA 75g Tank/DIY Stand Cleaned and ready to go! Does NOT include canopy. Option for canopy below Includes Durso kit/bulkheads Price is FIRM. Paypal to hold. First Come, First Serve. Has minor scratches Will sell canopy with 6x 48" T5 bulbs with IceCap Retrofit kit for $170 more ($250...
  12. FS: Leaving hobby

    First come, first serve. Paypal to hold. $5 - Extra Eheim 1048 impeller (3 available) $110 - Reef Octopus BR110 Biopellet Reactor $10-100 depending on size Neon Green Nepthea Coral colony/frags $1000 - (available only after fish is sold) 144G Miracles Custom Tank, 1/2" glass 3 sides...
  13. FS: Vortech MP40w $225 (or 2 for $400)

    I have TWO used Vortech MP40 wireless gen2 for $225 each, or $400 for both. Misc pumps: $25 - Koralia 1400 $10 each - 2x Sicce PSK2500 (needs a new impeller) I would prefer pickup at my place so I can show them working before selling them.
  14. 130 Years of Earth Surface Temperatures

    Thought this video was pretty interesting... Global Warming?
  15. FS: LARGE 1" Berghias (Aiptasia eating nudi's)

    I have 4 of these for sale. I grew them to lay a bunch of eggs, which they did and the eggs hatched. So I wanna sell the adults while the babies are growing. $80 for all 4. Here's a picture of one on a quarter to see size reference.