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  1. Equipment nope

  2. Coral Red/Pink Goni for sale

    Sorry to say it is definitely bleached, that does not mean it cannot survive. It just means its lost most of its coloration. Look how white the center is compared to the bottom.
  3. For Sale 3 acros for sale

    Can you sell this only? If so how much? pack #2 - 3-4" multi branch Baby blue acro (perfect mini colony)
  4. Coral Red/Pink Goni for sale

    Did you buy it like this because It looks pretty bleached.
  5. Stoury's 220 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    So much eye candy!
  6. Fish Thomashtom’s awesome fish only!

    Very nice thomashtom, how long have you had the achilles?
  7. Prestige Aquatics 20% off today

    If prices aren't listed how do we know we are really getting 10-20% off?
  8. Male Flame Wrasse

    SOLD Selling very rare 3.5-4? male flame wrasse that eats pellets. Asking $250 or best offer.
  9. real reef live rock

  10. WTB: Leng Sy Purple Rim Montipora Cap

    If you have let me know!
  11. JF limited edition pretty in pink xenia

    Super rare and super pink Jayson Faux signature pretty in pink Xenia. Guaranteed to make your tank glow pink, super rare. $200 a stalk, ALL SOLD, thanks.
  12. 4-5" Rainbow BTA

    Asking $75.00.
  13. 30 gallon oceanic non reef setup

    I have a 30 gallon oceanic tank (standard 30 gallon size 36x12x16) with black oak stand forsale. Comes with glass canopy, led strip light with daylight and actinics. Bottom outside of tank painted with textured paint to replicate sand. Asking $200.00.
  14. WTB skimmer for 180 gallon fish only tank

    Let me know what you have and how much.
  15. WTB disease free cheato

    Not sure if this is possible, if you have any from a tank that never had ich, marine velvet, flukes, etc... Let me know!