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  1. holding braket for Jebao wavemaker

    Hello All, does anybody knows if parts for this Wave maker sold anywhere ? Wetbase with magnet crackd and I get massive metal corrosion, I use this pump for salt mixing
  2. Trigger Systems EMERALD SUMP 26 - question

    Hello Trigger system users, quick question on the second to last baffle (adjustable wall), do you let the water fall down ? If yes, how long is the drop Thank you Aram
  3. FS: Light and Tank

    Hello, I have LED fixture FS: Maxspect R420R Razor 160W (27") - Fixture in perfect cosmetic and functional condition. All LED's are in very good shape. I have original reflectors but, I upgraded fixture controller to Blue Fish LMP WiFi, now you can control this fixture from your phone. (app...
  4. Uploading schedule to AI Hydra 26 HD

    Was looking for AI SPS AB+ schedule (for Hydra 26 HD) and found code on GitHub, and there is no download option. Can I just copy text in to Notepad, and save it to *.aip and upload to Hydra 26 HD? Thank you Aram
  5. WetDry hose plumbing

    Hello Everybody I am setting up a tank and I would like to use 1" WetDry hose for my return. How do you secure ends so I can cement them to PVC. Thanks Aram
  6. FS: Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix HD LED (Black)

    Hello All, I have Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix 26 HD LED (Black) for sale. Light is in perfect cosmetic and working condition. Purchased in Spring 2018, used maybe month, not even ... $250 - SOLD Can meet in Manhattan East 42 Street or Central NJ (Freehold) If interested please PM...
  7. FS Ecotech Vortech MP40W

    Hello All, I purchased this pump to use on my upcoming reef build, but decided to use another brand. This was used device with missing wet part. (Still no wet part) $120 Please PM if interested. Thanks. Pickup in Freehold, NJ or NYC 42st East Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. RO Booster pump question

    I have well water and pressure after "blue" holding tank is 60psi By the time it gets to my RO unit it drops low and it makes the 75gpd membrane not work properly. So just installed CDP6800, drained 5G from holding tank, installed gauge on membrane input (got almost 80psi now :biggrin:. When 5G...
  9. Deep Blue Professional 60 Gallon Rimless

    Hello Everybody, Does anybody runs reef in Deep Blue Professional 60 Gallon Rimless Reef-Ready Frag Tank Deep? I am planing to get that tank but a little suspicious that it maybe a very shallow (?) Currently have 30G version of it, and I'm limited on my fish selection Maybe you can share a...
  10. WB small piece of blue PVC 1"

    Hello All, Building small plumbing project, looking for 5"-6" BLUE 1" PVC If you have small piece leftover from project please PM Thanks Aram
  11. DC return pumps

    This is time that I need to move from Eheim Return Pump 1250 to something more quite , and I hear allot of good feedback on: Jebao Jecod Aquarium Electric Simplicity Deepwtare Aquatic This pumps are very look alike, it sims that they all build in the same factory. Which one are you using? I...
  12. Plumbing help

    Hello All My aquarium(s) located in the basement, and all water and sewer lines are in the ceiling So I installed utility sink dropped cold water for RO and faucet, and for waste water I installed 35Gallon plastic bin with sump pump with water level trigger. Everything works perfect except...
  13. Rimless tank cover

    Hello All, Quick question, I have small shallow reef 24x24x18 and it's been running for one year And I think I can start introducing small nano fish to this setup. Before I start shopping for mesh and plastic brackets, can someone recomend mesh size that works... I see there is 1/4", 1/16" etc...
  14. WTB: Eheim 1260 or 1250

    Location NYC or Centarl NJ
  15. FS / FT Branching Montipora

    Hello All, I was transporting huge branching montipora, and no matter how much I tried some branches brokeoff so I have some unintentional frags FS or FT A - $25 B - $5 C - $20 D - $10 E - $15 F - $25 G - $30 SOLD H - $15 Please note almost all frags (except "B") are multi-branch corals...