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  1. Generator question

    Hey guys, need advice on a generator for my tank. It is a Reefer 350, about 100G total water volume. Need to get a generator for emergencies. I live in NYC and we recently had a brief power outage which concerns me. What generator do I need to run the tank with this equipment: Vectra L1 return...
  2. ARID E18 macroalgae reactor for sale

    ARID E18 reactor in mint condition for sale. Price is $499. Pick up in Astoria, Queens. PM if interested.
  3. Beautiful blue photosynthetic sponge frags for sale

    Hey guys, I will start fragging my sponge. It is photosynthetic and loves a lot of light. Frags are $20. Private message me if interested. Pick up in Astoria.
  4. Colorful maxima clam

    Hey guys, I?m looking for a bright colored maxima clam, blues/greens ... probably in the 2-3? range. PM me. Thanks! Raed
  5. Need chaeto

    Hey guys. Anyone in Astoria or nearby has extra chaeto (small ziplock bag worth) I can buy? PM if so. Thanks!
  6. Anyone has interceptor for red bugs please?!

    I got SPS bugs! They look golden yellow under the light. Help please ... Got a few new frags lately and dipped them but realized that the dipping solution was expired. One of my colonies started to bleach and saw those little buggers all over it. It is not an option to get my SPS colonies out of...
  7. Bristle worms trap

    Hey guys, anyone can lend me a bristle worm trap that actually worked for them? I got one online and it only catches my CUC :-) I?m in Astoria, Queens.
  8. RBT anemone for trade or sale

    Hey guys, healthy RBTA for trade in with colorful SPS or $50. Pick up in Astoria, Queens.
  9. Large montipora for sale

    Hey guys, I?m selling my montipora, it is almost the entire depth of my Reefer 350? It is roughly about a foot wide! Starting price $150 or best price. Also open to trading with high end colorful non green SPS ... Pick up in Astoria, Queens. Thanks!
  10. Free monti and GSP frags

    Free encrusting red monti and GSP frags. Pick up in Astoria, Queens. PM if interested.
  11. Giving away free GSP frags

    If it are interested send a PM. Pick up in Astoria.
  12. Video of my Reefer 350
  13. Free GSP frags

    Hey guys, have a couple of neon green GSP frags that I'm giving away. PM with your name and phone number if interested. Photo of mother colony is attached just for reference. Pick up in Astoria. Raed
  14. WTB blue or red sponges

    Anyone has blue encrusting sponges or red playing sponges? I'm located on Astoria, Queens and can drive.
  15. NOPOX with ARID reactor

    So I have been running the ARID for a year since I started the tank. For the past month I started dosing NOPOX and my SPS and corals in general are much happier and growing faster. On the other hand since NOPOX lowers the nitrates, it is competing with the chaeto food source and not harvesting...