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  1. Ati hanging kit

    hello arnaldo when did mr change its format i have notlogged on in awhile and the the whole sight changed
  2. bio-bricks

    so finally i got the brightwell biobricks 2 days ago 1export bio and 1no3 I placed them in separate buckets and administered the right ammount of bacter starter let them sit for 24 hours agitating the water every so often last night i placed the bio in the sump right after the overflow portion...
  3. large sump for sale

    so i decided to have a sump built but its 1/2 inch too big it measures 40 long 17 wide and 16 high beautiful sump made with 3/8 plexi $300 tx me and i will send you pictures, thanks
  4. mangroves

    so i finally bought 25 mangroves and place them in my sunp and i will keep tabs on how they are growing, difficulty of keeping them alive and if there are any differences on water quality in also thinking of placing some in my overflow boxes and see the different grow patterns . i will keep you...
  5. to filter with or without socks pros and cons?

    im just wondering about fellow reefers input on using or not using socks
  6. 50 gallon set up

    selling a 50 gallon fish tank with canopy, light, filter, pumps set up for fresh water but can also be used for salt $100( like new) you can call me at 914 589 1061
  7. 50 gallon fish tank for sale

    im selling a 50 gallon fish tank with filter, light, heater and pumps set up for fresh water all you need is a stand $100