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  1. Extra Ticket

  2. update old lighting

    Well, ive gotten old(er) and im still using t5s and a hallide. Im looking be convinced, lol, to upgrade to the new LED lighting, whats the best for a 2'x2' cube? I looking for the best for SPS growth and color.
  3. Frag Swap Swap Donation Thread

  4. Coral Wysiwyg Nano Pack for $25

    good deal!
  5. Extra Ticket

    I have an extra ticket, my GF wont be attending, no $, a frag gets you in. PM me if interested.
  6. Coral Acros, cyphastrea, Gonis, JBs, tyree toadstool...

    Sam, is the Tranquil Mille 75 avail? sent PM
  7. Coral Acros, cyphastrea, Gonis, JBs, tyree toadstool...

    Hey sam nice stock... can I reserve the red rainbow for $50? PM me with PP info..thanks!
  8. Coral COOPs Bloody Mary Monti

    Mikey!! Ill take a $25 of this also!
  9. Frag Swap Swap Volunteers Needed!

    im there Saturday night!
  10. Coral Bubble Gum Digi

    Mikey!! Ill take a shot of a $25 piece! Ill be at the swap, PM if you want PP
  11. Coral Killer Acan Packs

    PP sent
  12. Coral ZOA FRAG PACK

    Ill take Pack #3 $80 Rastas 10p Tyree rainbows 8p King midas 5p Purple hornets 2p PM me with PP details
  13. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    if available i would like the $50 red with gold tip goni, PM with PP details... thanks!
  14. WTB-Inverts

    Hello all, cant wait to see you all at the swap.. I need some inverts, specifically emerald crabs and hermits, snails and more. Please PM me with details so i can send PP. thanks!
  15. Coral Killer Acan Packs

    Ill take a pack.. ill be at the swap, i can PP send PM with details...thanks!