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  1. Great deal!

    Stop by today. Great selection! Restarting my tank again. Joe hooked us up and helped us out! Will be back again.
  2. lights went out

    hi, i have the red sea max 34 gallon. a couple days ago when my lights turned off on the timer they never turned back on. its been 3 days and have tried to get lights back on and nothing. the lights are only a few months old. will my corals all die? how long is it safe to go without lights. i...
  3. is this glue safe?

    i got the original super glue at home depot and wanted to know if its safe to use
  4. red slime?

    it appears i have red slime(cyano) in my red sea max 34 tank. All my parameters test good, phos is at around .25. It went down from .5 a couple days ago after adding phosban. I wanted to know if a product red slime remover, by ultra life reef products is good to use. I know it will not remedy...
  5. brown algae

    how do i get rid of brown algae????
  6. need help!!!!!

    i have a question , everynight when i turn off the lights to my aquarium i notice little shrimp on my back wall. is this bad??? could they be mantis shrimp???