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    :cry: Just saw this post
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    spider sponge aussie (frag)

    spider sponge aussie 917-804-7257
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    For Sale Hanna Marine Salinity Tester HI98319

    Hanna Marine Salinity Tester HI98319 $50 >No Salinity Calibration Solution >pick up only 11423 Queens Village/no trade >917-804-7257 no pm/ only text
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    Coral montipora

    Rainbow montipora Sunburst montipora text pic n price please(no pm's) driving distance in queens n LI 917-804-7257 sp
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    Coral Birds Nest Frag Packs

    any pink torn or ponape ?
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    Question Hanna vs Salifert Alkalinity

    Which do you guys prefer/use/trust? I'm getting 2 different reading with these 2. Hanna ALK 7.4 Salifert 8.3
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    Equipment Milwaukee Refractometer SOLD

    im gonna guess he's asking if you are the 1st owner and if it comes with another box to store it away.
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    Halloween Sales Is Here!

    your on line store does not reflect what you have current in the and corals
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    FREE Return pump

    its FREE BRO you can add a valve to the pvc
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    WTB golden dwarf moray eel

    the one next to the counter
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    WTB golden dwarf moray eel

    NEW YORK REEF AQUATIC in flushing queens has the white one i think for $350
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    Fish Livestock from 300 gallon reef!

    damm thats a lot of live stock, nice selections
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    doser recommendation :

    i cant keep up with stabilizing my alk (manual dosing) for my 300 considering buying this until i can purchase a cal reactor Jebao Programmable Auto Dosing Pump DP-4