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Hey everyone,
I have a Red Sea Reefer 350 (70G) and I’m moving in the end of the month
my tank is now in:
40 River Rd, NY, NY, 10044
Moving to the building next door-
20 River Rd
Both buildings have elevators and it’s a short distance of walking no car needed just dolly carts.
I did move the tank in the past with 2 friends that were able to help me but they no longer live in New York.
I looking for some help it’s just too much to do it alone.
I basically need help with the actual move get the stuff out of the water to buckets and containers, move the tank and cabinet and get the main equipment installed to get it basic running.
I’m a gear junkie and have a lot of stuff that I will install later on by myself…

Please let me if you interested making some money (frags whatever works for you) and can help out! Or if you know about anyone else that can help me.
My name is Avi, can be reached at 646-8815809.

Thanks again! 🙏🙏🙏


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