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Hi all. I've been away from the hobby for well over 10 years. Jumping back in now with the help of my 2 kids. Figured a nano would be a nice little tank for us. My last reef tank was a 75g, and it consumed quite a bit of my time.

Just ordered a JBJ 28g Cube. Got a great deal on it from Dr. Fosters & Smith. Cost me $280 shipped, stand included. Can't wait to get it and get started on it. Want to keep the whole AIO stock. Any help and tips from others with the same type of setup would be greatly appreciated.



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staten island
I personally haven't used any JBJ stuff. All I can say from what I've seen is that light upgrades and some kind of power head to increase flow are necessary. Maybe you could get away with some lower light with some soft corals or maybe putting some lps high up on the rocks so they're closer to the light. Not sure on that though. Post up some pics when u get it going. Welcome back!!

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Welcome back and welcome to club nano! The biggest thing to remember about a nano compared to a larger aquarium is that any changes in parameters are likely to happen more quickly/drastically.

One thing I always recommend on nano tanks is either diligently topping it off or better yet adding an ATO. Usually I prefer to use one with an optical sensor for more precision and a backup float for added safety.

As previously stated depending on the type of corals you are planning on keeping and the specific model upgraded lighting packages may be of some interest. Here are a couple of links to some options out there:

Now for keeping the water clean it is a good idea to run some Chemi Pure Elite or Chemi Pure Blue in the back in an area of good flow. In a system that size it is possible to use regular water changes to keep the water parameters in check however adding a skimmer is a good idea in my opinion. Here are a few options that fit without modification:
  • AquaMaxx HOB-1 Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer
  • Innovative Marine MiniMax MidSize Media Reactor
  • Innovative Marine DeskTop Ghost Protein Skimmer
  • Eshopps Nano Protein Skimmer

If you will be at the MR Frag Swap next weekend stop by our booth and I have a few items to show you including some suitable sized controllable powerheads as well as educators that may be of interest. Also if you have any questions whatsoever please don't hesitate to ask as we are always her to help.