Biocube 32 for sale


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I am moving everything from my 32g biocube to my new tank this weekend. So the biocube will be for sale

It will include the following:
  • stock hood that was used for maybe 1 month
  • mightyjet 538 return pump
  • intank media basket and fuge
  • live sand (if you want it)
  • eshopp protein skimmer (I used this for maybe 4 months)
  • Upgraded heater (can't remember what brand)
There is also gsp on the back wall that I can leave on or scrape off and I glued some sps frags to the back wall and just don't feel like removing. Oh I also have the stock return pump if you want it for a back up.

Anyway I plan to move everything over Friday night so if you are interested it will be available Saturday.

I was thinking around $200 or $250 or trade. I'm in Chappaqua, anyway hit me up if you are interested. Thanks