Rating - 98.3%
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I was in the jersey area for an atlantic city weekend so i ended up visiting Reefabout,

Address is:
5303 Atlantic ave.
Ventnor, NJ 08406
facebook page:

I must say Alex the store owner is one of the most knowledgeable LFS owners I've ever met. He solely runs his shop and is a true hobbyist at heart. I've been in the hobby for over 12+ years and its not often you find someone so passionate and willing to share information like he is. He was supposed to be closed today but worked around his schedule to open up the store and do maintenance on the tanks while I was there, that is HUGE! His SPS dominated display tanks are truly awesome and that 9" deresa clam is a stunner.

You'll usually see dying or fading SPS corals at most of LFS you visit, but Alex's store reefabout sells the wonderful sticks we all love. His store is entirely reef with no freshwater fish. Hes got about 1,100 gallons of reef fish in his systems and two runway frag tanks filled with shrooms, lps, and SPS frags..very sweet stuff. He mentioned being a vendor at the new jersey frag swap so I hope you all support him and the local stores around!

Highly knowledgeable A+ store, i'll definitely be returning here again. Thanks again Alex.