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So long story short. I do not recommend buying RO/DI from them.

If you know me then you know I wouldnt bash or say something so blunt without having 99% factored in why I would say such a negative statement.

Basically, from day 1, I have been purchasing RO/DI from ICONIC in Tenafly but decided since it was readily in stock to go to Absolutely fish to pick up a Midas blenny.

Had the buckets in the car and planned to go to ICONIC after but if anyone has made the trip and current situation. I didnt want to stay any longer than necessary.

So bit the bullet. I asked about 6-7 times that it is RO/DI and that it was low to no TDS.

While walking out to my car brought 1 jug and employee came out and helped me with the second.

Decided to ask one more time after buying and they said, well, it's probably around .05-.1 TDS. 0 TDS is seeing more from home RO/DI units.

I just gave him the WTF look. Thoughts ran througg my head and knew i should have dumped the water and taken the loss.

However, ended up using the water with hopes I was given pessimistic responses for the just in case.

Well, not even a week later and about 2.5 gallons used for top off.

I am seeing for the first time brown algae on sand.

This from experience tells me silicates from bad RO/DI is usually the case. It normally tells me I should be watching my TDS meter and i need to change out either filters or DI.

But since I am using others water, this was my end result.

Recommendation and buy at your own risk.

Dont go to AF for RO/DI. Their prices for coral have also skyrocketed but so has the market.

Either way, plan to get my own RO/DI unit since I need to ensure I dont run into any situation like this. The main reason I decided against it was lack of water bill which the wife sees vs me getting to go to Iconic every 2 weeks and picking up new things as well!!

Either way, hope this helps others that may be in need. I'd suggest elsewhere.


Advanced Reefer
Rating - 100%
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After this episode, I ended up buying a RO/DI again. Didnt want to but jumping back in with everything full force again. With corals that cost way over the current tank setup, I needed to increase the likelihood of success.

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