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Just got my SQ420 aka a MQ-210 SENSOR to make sure I have some baseline to go off of and ensure my PAR is what I expect it to be.

Great tool to have and knowledge is power. Previously rented multiple times and figured for me it is best to have my own.

If your a set and forget it type of person, your probably good for a one time rental. I'm not that type sadly!

This is a newer sensor with the correction already set so just set up the software and log.

Price: 30 for a week
Security deposit, $300, must be provided and reimbursed once returned in the condition it was in. I will take a video of it prior and you accept responsibility of the device. The amount will go down as the cost of the device gets covered by rentals. Also, not here to make money so price will be reduced once the cost of the item has paid for itself.

**You will need a windows or Mac system to download the Apogee software from the site. It literally takes a few minutes then you plug it in and get to work!**

**You may return the device early and if the device is available take another few days to check on your changes. Say you want to make a change a month or more down the road. Good to have it in your back pocket. After that, I can lower the cost for a second week if needed. Each time the device goes out, security deposit will be needed.***This is only good on an early return (3-4days) and then one pass for free rental for 2-3 days.***

Honestly, I wish this was an option when I needed it so hope this helps others.

Pick up and drop off is at my house.
345 Luhmann Dr, New Milford, NJ 07646
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