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Good days NYRA'ers! Here is our anniversary sales detail!
Anniversary Event Date: Saturday & Sunday (8/03 & 8/04)

10 Raffle giveaways to choose from
There will be 4 or 5 prizes drawn each day starting from 3pm, every hour until 7pm. Ticket owner can select which raffle to join by putting in your tickets or telling us thru email (if ticket owner is not available by visiting our store).

Prize Pool
1) Red Sea Foundation Supplement Complete Pack x 4 (4 winners)
2) Ecotech Marine MP10 Vortech Quiet Drive x 1
3) PolypLab Reef Safe Medic & PolypLab Scope x 1
4) PolypLab Reef Roids 120g & PolypLab Booster 100ML x 1
5) Red Sea Hoodie & PolypLab Beanie x 1
6) Aquarium Munster Bio-fishfood 4 Pack x 2 (2 winners)
7) PolypsLab Plus, Acids and Genesis & Two Little Fish Phosban 150g x 1
8) IceCap Lens & Coral Gel Glue 295ML x 1
9) Neptune System Automatic Feeding System x 1
10) Amazing Coral Pack x 1

Conditions to enter raffle:

-$30 purchase for 1 raffle (Must be total purchase within 1 transaction, in store or online)
-Max 5 raffles submitted per person for each item
-Max 20 tickets max per person

-$30 purchase get FREE fish food (1 per person , while supplies last)
-$60 purchase get FREE fish food, AND FREE t-shirt (1 per person, while supplies last)
- Eligibility to enter NYRA MEMBERSHIP program to use towards future online purchases (Membership status dependent on transaction amount)


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