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eBay Profile <https://www.ebay.com/usr/nyreefaquatic>

Lots of high end zoanthids are ending tonight!!
NYRA Darth Talon
TSA Frozen Apple
KH Sunburst
Miami Vice
Rainbow Bubble Tips Anemone
WWC Superstar
CB White Zombie

and more high end corals are up for auction with $9.99 starting!!

We have more than 50 listing EVERYWEEK and EVERYTHING starting at $9.99!!

eBay Profile <https://www.ebay.com/usr/nyreefaquatic>

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  • Darth Talon OT I3.jpg
    Darth Talon OT I3.jpg
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  • Frozen Apple GTC.jpg
    Frozen Apple GTC.jpg
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  • KH Sunburst GTC.jpg
    KH Sunburst GTC.jpg
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  • Miami Vice GTC.jpg
    Miami Vice GTC.jpg
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  • Rainbow BTA UBT.jpg
    Rainbow BTA UBT.jpg
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  • Superstar GTC.jpg
    Superstar GTC.jpg
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  • White Zombie GTC.jpg
    White Zombie GTC.jpg
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