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Red Razor Scooter with shocks. |25||Quite new
18"x16"x14" Bird Cage| 20||
Sheffield 42" Ceiling Fan|50 ||New but will trash the box coz too dirty!.shtml
1 pcs sold still have 2 more
Lots of computer case|FREE |FREE |good for setting up download or file servers which looks are not important
office chair |FREE |FREE |07/29/SUN good for kid in his room
std size office chair |FREE |FREE
Sprint Flip phone | FREE |FREE |new good for spare
Dell 20" Flat Monitor | FREE |FREE |quality so so TAKEN
Dell 20" Flat Monitor | FREE |FREE |quality so so TAKEN

Sony 27"? Flat Screen Trinitron TV silver |200
Nikko 1/10 Off Rd Belt 4WD RC Car |50 |70
Nikko 1/10 Off Rd RC Car Assembled,RC, 540 motor |30 |40
Sharp VCR|30|40| Brand New
LD Player| 60|100| Spare player for your LD collection
Speaker Ceiling Mounts |30 || rated for 45lbs in pairs NEW
Speaker Ceiling Mounts |20 || less solid than above in pairs NEW

Soho Computer Table |150 |200|Brand new In Box

Epson 11x17" Inkjet | FREE| FREE |Used only one night, probably discontinued-got no time to get it back to work

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Would parakeets fit through the cage bars? If the cage is suitable for parakeets I'll ask my girl if she wants it for her birds.
What condition is it in?