Paul B

Advanced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
This one is a little simpler looking but a pain to make. The copper Toilet bowl fill valve had to be aged and hollowed out to put a rod which operates the switch when the weight is lowered down to the magnet. It is dimmed by the water valve.
Of course the bulb is situated on a fire hole nozzle.
The vacuum tube was drilled through to fit a red LED



Got Reef?
Nice work Paul. Do you give these away or sell them? Looks like it is fun to build but could be frustrating to find something you want once you get an idea.

Paul B

Advanced Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Timbo they are all sold in an art gallery. The first 14 sold in uptown Manhattan but now I live out east on Long Island so they are in a gallery here. The galleries are just about closed due to Covid

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