Fauna store in Manhattan


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Hey folks,

Last time I was at Fauna was I believe in 2016, as they had moved to a new location (without aquariums sadly).

Yesterday I was thinking about it, wondering if they had changed their mind, and maybe moved again. Sadly I stumbled on this instead:


Things that came after that appeared unclear. Apparently the store had lost its lease and the owner just took all the animals it contained inside his home (hundreds of them).

Fairly sad really, this was a great store.


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New York
I have a parrot that went to the avian vet in upper Manhattan. Right across the street was Fauna. I said cool and checked it out. The store basically had nothing for sale and had two macaws in a single cage and some other nonsense. I was disappointed but didn?t notice anything amiss. This was two years ago.

That story I just read = mental illness

I?m saddened for this man and hope he gets the help he needs. He was living in a house with no plumbing and with dead and neglected animals. A healthy brain with a good soul like his doesn?t behave in this manner. Very sad story. Unfortunately, not surprised.

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