Why I find Tangs Boring

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Why I find Tangs Boring.

Many fish such as copperband butterflies, puffers some wrasses etc. have a definite personality and if you look close you can see it in their actions and eyes. Yes their eyes have expressions, not like Angelina Jolie but it's there. :love:

Tangs, being schooling fish have no such personality and I find them very dull. I know it's just me but I will explain.
If you do much SCUBA diving you will notice this and if you could read a fishes mind, you would get this from a typical tang on a reef in a school.

Lets say Charlie Tang is swimming off Costa Rica on a Tuesday in October. He is swimming 2" from another tang in a school of a thousand tangs all of the same species.

These are Charlie's thoughts:

Oh No, Bob is leading us again. Why is it always Bob? I mean, l could lead, I am as strong as Bob and if I had a mirror, and thumbs I may find I am better looking,

I know what he is going to do. Yep here we go, heading down for seaweed.

Of course he picked this rock! I hate the seaweed here, it's very gamey and I don't like the way that moray eel always smiles at me. :oops:

OK, I will try it......Wait a minute, leaving already...I didn't even get one bite and we are leaving!
Sure. Bob makes the rules.

I am getting closer to the front, soon I will be the leader, I know I can do it.
Wow, look at Shela in front of me. Let me swim alongside her.

Hi Shela, Want to grab a bite? If Bob ever finds something us to eat I mean.

Oh, your not Shela! Sorry. Oh your not even a girl!
No I don't mean to be rude but I don't swim like that. :unsure:

I wish I had a neck, so I could see who this is next to me. Getting a little to close if you know what I mean.

OK we are turning to the left, oh wait, Now we are going right, now left. I am getting dizzy.

Oh, I see it is time to poop. YUCK.. It would be nice if we would all poop on a turn so I didn't always get it in the face. I mean, Like Really!

Wait! I can see the front, Bob is getting tired. I think I can.....Dam Harry got the lead. I hate harry.

I wish someone would collect Harry, then quarantine him in Prizapro. :whistle:

He's also an Independent and I hear he is a Snowflake. OK, left again, now right, up, now down.

Thank God we are going down. That looks like a nice algae covered rock. Oh Wow!

Down, Down, Harry is doing good.
I like Harry.

Where is Harry? Why are we leaving so fast....And why does that Moray eel have a bigger smile now! ?

Thats a typical morning for a tang, on a Tuesday.

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Another creature with personality is hermit crabs.

Many years ago my best friend and dive partner were diving here in New York with in the City limits where the visibility was probably 36". We were diving for lobsters and for them there is no need to see far because there is no swimming involved. It's just pulling yourself along the huge rocks on the bottom.

You don't need to worry about breaking any coral because there is none. It is just left over boulders from the glacier that receded long before Bernie Sanders was born.

Under those rocks, in holes are lobsters. Anyway, as we were looking for lobsters we found a tire.

(Probably from an Oldsmobile) There are a lot of tires here because they are used on tug boats around the edge to push other boats. In these tires live quite a few lobsters.

In this partially submerged tire was a group of hermit crabs. My avatar was one of them. He is a local New York crab and you can tell by his accent.

The crabs were lining the inside edge of the tire and while we watched, two crabs would take turns going to the center and entering what looked like a wrestling match, although they could have been boxing or doing Kung Fu, Karate, Tai Quan Do or ballet dancing from the theme of the Blue Danube.

I really don't know, but they "fought" for a while until they got tired or one called "Uncle" .

Then they would retreat and another pair would come out to "fight".

This went on until we ran out of air as we couldn't move away and we also had money on the matches.

This is my dive partner and I picking out some new, modern dive equipment. I am on the right.

These are what we normally dove for. These are "real" Manly lobsters, not those Sissy, Girly lobsters in the tropics. These guys will teach you how to scream while underwater as their bite will crush clam shells and Snowflake wrists.

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