Covid-19 and businesses


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It was announced yesterday that bars and restaurants (among others) are going to close down in NYC.

Obviously this will deeply impact financially the workers in that sector.

I found out that there is a website that can help on that front:
- bartenders/mixers/barbacks can apply for help
- bargoers can donate to help them.


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I just hope my cannabis and calcium reactor arrive before the mail gets shut down. :)

When the warm weather gets here in a week or so I can keep myself busy metal detecting. I do though have concerns about how the next couple months are going to go.

I also have concerns about workers in the food, electricity and water supply.
They can't close a grocery store, there isn't the local agriculture to support the people. Being in a northern climate, people can't just switch to wood for heat either, this isn't 1850, there are over 12 million homes here now. Maybe we can switch to burning toilet paper.

All we can really do is carry on I guess. I have serious doubts about any containment for the time being, there were so many people out and about today you would think it was Christmas time. How many people do you think got infected today standing twelfth inline at the grocery store. I had to drop a package off at the P.O. which also happens to be in a pharmacy. My luck a lady comes walking out wearing a mask, gets in her car and just coughs up a lung. Stay home FFS I'm thinking to myself, I paused for a moment, took a deep breath and held it before I went inside. Wouldn't you know there was a lineup so I eventually had to breath lol.