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What a Great Country America is.
This week the Blue Angels flew over parts of New York as well as other WW2 fighter planes "Smoke Writing" a Thank You to hospital workers.
A large sign is outside our hospital that reads "Hero's Work Here" and there was a tractor parade with signs in front of the hospital.

We also have so many people donating food to health care workers and many other people donating food and money to less fortunate people who can't get out to a store.

Many places including Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are giving free coffee and donuts to health care workers who are still working around the clock in many places like here in New York. Some restaurants are giving free meals to homeless out in the cold.

For critical care workers people are volunteering to walk their dogs for them or help watch or feed their kids.
We are all trying to support the restaurants by ordering take out for ourselves and people who can't afford it.

There are so many very nice people that I see here every day. Everyone wants other people to get on line ahead of them if they have less groceries or are older.

My own wife is handicapped and people go very far out of their way to be courteous. It is just amazing and even in these lousy times it is heartwarming.

I think this is going to last well after this Pandemic is over and here in New York, that is not in sight yet.

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