Tonga Wanga
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I’m looking for software to create my own 3D projects, I’ve tried a few i found on google but there not too beginner friendly, they all seem to have that autocad feel to them as that’s way too advanced for me , I followed a tutorial and to make a couch was 160 steps , looking for something a bit easier , if anyone has any suggestions it would greatly be appreciated!


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Manhattan Reefs
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Bellmore, NY
Try It is a simpler version of autodesk fusion. There are some nice tutorials out there, and I am able to get high school freshman to use it and understand it in a relatively short period of time.

I use it to make and modify some of the items I sell for our reef tanks.


Manhattan Reefs
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I started and still use Sketchup 8, for ten years. Google bought it and it's not the same, but the Ver 8 file is available and free. It's super easy to learn. Just needs the "export STL" addon.